Instagram Quick-Start Guide

Instagram Quick-Start Guide

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With over 700 million active users, Instagram is THE place for you and your biz to be. Creating a new account on a social media platform has always been super intimidating and rather confusing, which is why a lot of people decide Insta is not the place for them.

But, those people are so wrong! You can do so much for your biz with Instagram! Sure, learning the basics of Insta could take awhile if you go at it alone. So, don’t! Let me help you jumpstart your Insta game with this Instagram Quick-Start Guide.

You’ll skip the trial and error learning period and be handed all of the information you need to get your account set up quickly and on track to thrive.

What’s inside?

  • Setting Yourself Up
  • Writing a Great Bio & Linking to Your Website
  • Linking Accounts
  • Tools of the Trade


  • One Step at A Time (printable checklist)
  • The Difference Between Facebook and Instagram

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