Instagram Audit + Private Coaching

Instagram Audit + Private Coaching

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Instagram Audit + Private Coaching

Have you ever wondered how your Instagram marketing efforts are really going? If you're interested in honest feedback and not just pats on the back, let us complete a full blown Instagram audit on your account. I know, I know. The term “audit” has negative connotations, but trust me… this kind of audit is fun and profitable for your biz!

Think about it, if you know what content, captions, hashtags, and everything in between, works specifically FOR your business (instead of AGAINST it), you’ll be able to hone in on that magic and begin to quickly grow a thriving targeted following much more easily.

You will be analysed across seven different categories paying detailed attention to 55+ individual indicators that assess your effectiveness on Instagram.

You will also get a 1 hour private coaching call with me to flesh out all of your Instagram questions. You can ask anything Instagram.
I’m right there with you - cheering you on and steering you in the right direction. Let's get you Instagramming like a unicorn!

Before we complete your audit, I'll send you a questionnaire for you to complete. That way, we know exactly what we are looking for. No two accounts are the same! Then, we'll commence your audit and complete our super checklist!

The detailed checklist covers the 5 core areas:

* Profile
* Content
* Captions
* Hashtags
* Reach and Engagement

You'll receive your completed audit checklist with bonus actionable feedback #ImAllAboutTheAction approximately 7-14 days after we've your completed questionnaire. After that, we will book in our coaching call and make magic happen!

Let’s go above and beyond - together!
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